“Just like magic, I lost 1.4 inches in my first session”

“Just like magic, I lost 1.4 inches in my first session”

Read News Shopper journalist Nikki Jarvis’ account of her first visit to LoveLipo in Orpington…


Most girls I know would gladly sell their souls in return for a miraculous slimming machine.

But, as I discovered this week, there is no need to go to such extremes to achieve a more streamlined figure.

Forget violent-looking, expensive liposuction – there is an incredibly gentler, cheaper way to bust that flab, and it’s available right here in Orpington.

LoveLipo is a revolutionary, non-surgical alternative to going under the knife.

Using ultrasound technology, the waves blast fat cells until they explode and melt away, leaving the body through the lymphatic system after treatment.

I became the first lucky lady to receive the new treatment at Ladyzone gym – and it was certainly an incredible experience.

Admittedly, I hate the idea of getting even semi-naked in front of other people, and the thought of becoming pregnant terrifies me beyond words.

So, the mixture of getting topless (I kept my bra on) and getting gel squirted over my stomach, ready for an ultrasound, was my idea of hell.

But my professional and friendly therapist  couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable – and for that I am forever grateful.

The treatment is completely painless, and involves your therapist massaging your chosen area with the machine for 15 minutes.

Typically, people choose to target hips, thighs, bums and tummies.

I asked for my stomach to be worked on in an attempt to rid myself of that wretched muffin top.

As Manon got going, I felt completely relaxed – save for a loud noise clicking on and off in my ears.

It sounded like crickets were having a party with a dolphin in my head, and bizarrely the noise is only audible by the person receiving treatment.

It’s the result of the vibrations running through your body to blast the fatty cells, and proves none of the energy from the ultrasound is wasted.

Candidates are encouraged to undergo between four and six sessions of the treatment to see the best results, going up to twice a week.

Manon also instructed me to drink plenty of water, avoid carbohydrates and booze for at least three days after each session, and to follow an exercise plan at Ladyzone up to five times a week.

Although exercise afterwards is optional, with free membership at Ladyzone,  the recommendation will help get the best from the treatment..

Manon took my measurements before and after my first session on and, just like magic, I had lost 1.4ins from all over my stomach.

I was amazed, and I can’t wait to see the final results – the before and after shots will reveal how I get on in the next few weeks.


This article appeared in The News Shopper on September 19th, 2012



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